Key, Morse, for Paraset Cash Box model


Key, Morse, for Paraset cash box model

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Key, Morse, for Paraset cash box model

This replica is the model Morse key that was used in the Cash Box models.
* Brass bolts and threads are 6 BA.
* The plastic part is 3D printed, using strong PETG. The mounting holes fit our Cash Box front panels perfectly.
* The lever is made out of precision laser-cut steel parts.
* The knob is turned out of Delrin.
* The spring has a pull of 85 ~ 100 grams.
* The gap between the contacts is adjustable.

The key comes with 2 x 6BA Counter Sunk mounting bolts, washers and nuts and 1 x 6BA Round Head bolt, washer and nut. You need to tap 6BA thread in the front panel.

When soldering wires to the lashes, be sure to take them off:
PETG plastic melts at 230 degrees Celsius.

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