Welcome to the Paraset Warehouse

where spies get their stuff!

When building a Paraset one has to buy material, often in larger quantities than one needs oneself. On this page I offer the materials I can spare, for sale.
All the parts I sell, are in working order and checked before shipping. Sometimes they are New, sometimes they are New Old Stock, sometimes they are Used.
Nevertheless, there is no warranty and I accept no returns. If you have any questions about the parts, please ask before buying. That way we save ourselves a possible disappointment. To keep things clear, simple and cheap.

Goal of the Paraset Warehouse:

The owner of Paraset Warehouse collects old radio parts on behalf of his hobby: restoring and replicating old radios.
The purpose of Paraset Warehouse is to able radio hobyists all over the world to obtain obsolete or leftover electronical or mechanical parts to acceptable prices to fulfill their hobby. Paraset Warehouse is not a real shop in that sence but more a service from one hobbyist to an other.