Stencil, Labeling, Box, Crate, Vehicle


Stencil, Labeling, Box, Crate, Vehicle

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Stencil, Labeling, Box, Crate, Vehicle

For some years I have a stencil maker standing around. It is an American die cast machine that weights about 45 kg and it has ONE type of fonts, of which you can see an example photo.

These stencils are used to mark boxes, crates vehicles with necessary information after that object, that needs the information, was spray painted anew.
The font is that typical military type, seen on vehicles to inform on fuel type or tire pressure.

Special moisture-resistant cardboard-type, suitable for multiple use.
Width: 41.5 cm
High: 10,2 cm
Character Height: 1.3 cm
Character Width: 1.1 + 0.2 cm
Room for + / – 25 characters per line
Room for 3 lines

When interested, send me an e-mail with the text you need and I will send you back a preview in Excel or PDF format.
The stencils will be shipped in an cardboard envelope.

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