Decal set, waterslide, set of 2


Decal set, waterslide, set of 2. Makes putting lettering on a Paraset a lot easier.

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(Shippingcosts are not under my control. Couriers have raised their prices due to corona. I charge the same as I am charged. If you only want to order the decals, I can send then in just an envelope, as a letter, it is paper after all. Only this option is not possible in the automated shop system. So, if you just want the decals, send a message through the contact form and I will take care of it.)

Decal set, waterslide, set of 2

As many builders have problems with properly lettering a Paraset, the Paraset Warehouse made this decal set available.

The decals are laser printed. The set comes in duplo: so you have two chances of doing it right. The colour of the characters is black, on a transparent background. The type is an old fashioned Times-Roman alike.

There is a serial number transfer included: you can stick it on the panel or on a small piece of aluminium.

The method for applying these decals is described on the Paraset Home Page and below.

After applying the decals you have to apply a protective layer of matt varnish. Use a spray can for this and apply several thin layers with plenty drying time in between.

Applying the water slide decals

– Cut the words out of the sheet, as tight as possible.
– Put the cut out word in a bowl of water.
– After a short while (~5 sec.) take the decal out of the water.
If the decals stays too long in the water, the adhesive on the decal dissolves.
– Let the water work on the decal for 15 – 20 seconds, than the decal can slide off the carrier on to an object.
– Let the water drip off the decal and apply it on the front panel. As long it is wet, it can be positioned.
– Rub the water away under the decal with a cotton swab or a piece of cotton cloth.
– Let the decals dry for 24 hours before applying a protective layer of spray can varnish.
– Apply several thin layers of varnish with plenty drying time in between.

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