Coil former, phenolic, 1″ diameter


Coil former, phenolic, 1″ diameter

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Coil former, phenolic, 1″ diameter

I have a number of these phenol impregnated cardboard coils. Used in Hallicrafters equipment around 1944. They are wax covered, that can easily removed with a hair dry blower or electric paint stripper. The white coil is also brown but covered with white wax.

The metal feet can be removed also, if in the way.

The coil wire comes complementary. Don’t ask for the impedance of the winding, they are all different.

Long: 1 and 9/16 ” (39,8 mm)
Diameter externally: 1″ (25,6 mm)
Diameter internally: 7/8 ” (22,3 mm)

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