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Round Crystal Housing      



Making new, old round crystal housings  
I was looking at the "Paraset Warehouse" and saw covers for crystal holders.

I make "false military plates" like this:
1 - Make a transparent printing for PCB : copper will be for white lettering. All you want to be white must be black on the transparent sheet, like copper tracks for printed circuits.


2 - Use thin PCB (0,8mm, sometimes used for VHF circuits) and engrave it like a printed circuit
3 - Put a (thin) coat of black paint everywhere, wait for drying
4 - Rub with thin sandpaper fixed on a flat block of wood to make copper reappear
5 - Put the plate in chemical tin for PCB
6 - It is possible to cover with a varnish but not necessary ...
  You have now a black and white plate which looks like old ones.