Tuning dial

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Tuning dial

Post by fresto »

Hi guys,

This is to inform you that currently replica tuning dials are being offered on eBay.
They are made of Alpaca (aka New Silver), have deep engraved black scales and the correct dimensions.
It makes no sense to publish here the link because these will be gone after a couple of days.
Instead search for:

Paraset Dial for WW2 Vintage style repro Radio Ham Transceiver.
or: eBay-item-number: 313369054400

The price is GBP 14,99 and shipping to Europe is GBP 12,00

I'm not involved in this business, only reporting here. And I bought one earlier... But I don't like the shiny surface as it is too far away from the original. Therefore I will strip the black letter painting with paint dissolver, then spray the dial white and finally make the letters black again.


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