Dc-dc 45-390v psu?

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Dc-dc 45-390v psu?

Post by Sa2clc » 09 Feb 2020, 18:53

Has anyone tried the DC step up regulators available on ebay for powering the paraset and tube equipment like it?
Claims to be able to deliver 70w (although thats probably asking too much from it).
Audio guys use it with ok results.

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Re: Dc-dc 45-390v psu?

Post by Parasetguy » 09 Feb 2020, 22:06

No experience with them. Are they HF-stable? What is the own power consumption of the step up regulator?
Look at Banggood.com for the same unit.

Cheers, Henk - Parasetguy

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Re: Dc-dc 45-390v psu?

Post by DJ5RE » 16 Feb 2020, 11:10

If you plan to use those fixed value modules be sure they are "isolated". I use 1W Modules, 12V to 24V in my Mk XXI. The current is limited to 42mA. See www.qrz.com/db/dj5re and scroll down to see the MK XXI. With 6x 24V I run the transmitter....
If you choose 12V/12V versions, the current is 84 mA max. But you need a lot of modules, each 6.- Euro....not a cheap solution!
BTW: This modules are great to power receivers, too. No noise from the "switching mode" detected so far. My Fu H.E.c is powerded by 4 of them is series, with 12V lead battery on the primary.

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Re: Dc-dc 45-390v psu?

Post by Sa2clc » 18 Feb 2020, 07:43

Well, found a local seller who carried the 390 volt modules, tested it to power the paraset, and it does work with no problems at supplying power the transmitter neither. There was hovewer some noise on the receiver, not sure though if that came from the power supply.
I already had a vibrator transformer and wanted to put that to use, so I ended up making a 4047-irf520 vibrator power supply, with integrated crystal "spot" oscillator.
In my swedish RA200, I use a switching psu module to power the filaments. No issues with noise on the receiver with that one.
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