The Jan Corver Museum - HeathKit display - 2010

last update: 2010-01-18



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I visited the Jan Corver museum at Budel in January 2009 and caught the dangerous Paraset-virus. The result of which you can read about on the Paraset-page. After 12 months I visited the museum again because I thought that the infection source would have gone by now.

The Enigma display has been replaced by a display of Heathkit instruments. As everybody knows, Heathkit was a company that sold kits to build a variety of electronic instruments, from electronic measurement to Ham radio and everything needed in between. The were operational from around the 1950's till the 1970's, as far as I know.

On this page a modest photo impression of the jewels on display. Enjoy and visit the museum, if you can. It is a rare opportunity to see such an almost complete display of all the beautiful stuff they ever made.

I wish to thank Cor Moerman, the curator, for the kind welcome and the high quality coffee.

Details about the Jan Corver Museum: follow this link

All kind of measuring equipment. I recognised several. My first employer, a radio & tv repairman, had several in his repair shop. VTVM, scope, marker generator, signal tracer. I used those instruments in the 1970's.
My uncle, who lived in Canada, also had a workshop equipped with Heathkit gear.
A beautiful tube tester in mint condition. Keyers, a bug, aids for CW.
Grid dippers.
That is a "line"....
More simple receivers, generators.
Overview. Even computers could be self assembled. A matrix printer in kit form.
Overview scopes.
and finally, one more operational Ham station.

I enjoyed my visit very much. I can assure you, however, that I have NOT caught any new virus, this time.